Vermes on Mars

Official Trailer

Available now!

Vermes on Mars is Aztlan Games‘ new sci-fi shooter, which is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad now.
Vermes on Mars is an action-laden 2d game with

  • a multitude of very beautiful, procedurally generated levels,
  • an exciting and inspiring gameplay experience,
  • a unique and stunning visual look and feel,
  • a great soundscape and electronic-orchestral score, and
  • an excellent input scheme with a very nice touch!

In the year 2098 the Geologic Industry, the biggest corporate entity at that time, is the driving force behind the Mars resettlement project. The Martian soil turned out to be rich in valueable materials and thus became the key component in profit maximization process. Driven by the lust for fame and the desire for monetary increase, he Geologic Industry decided to send unmanned vehicles to harvest the precious elements, while the terraformation of the planet is still in progress. What seemed to be a stroll on easy street, quickly became a challenged when the first robots when landing on the planet were seized and destroyed by an alien lifeform… the Vermes on Mars!

VermesScreen1In each level four unmanned intelligent vehicles are placed at the player’s disposal. The player is supposed to find and neutralize each worm that hides in the soil, while collecting the priced materials, which can be found on the terrain. The difficulty varies during the game and always delivers a challenging and entertaining experience. There are different species of worms on Mars, ranging from snappish sandworms to stampeding rockworms and scorching fireworms. Each of the player’s bots can be upgraded and  can be replaced with more efficient vehicles while the game progresses.

Vermes on Mars is Aztlan Games‘ second title after Multipods Escalation and is available now.